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Marieke Verschure


Before I started as a junior recruiter, I worked for the Recruiter while I was studying for my HRM degree. As a research consultant, I helped my colleagues where, for example in searching for candidates, and I also provided support work for the financial administration. During that time, I learned a lot by watching the senior recruiters. It was a wonderful classroom. I've been working for the Recruiter for one and a half years now, and I really love being able to maintain successful, long-term relationships with clients and candidates myself. I focus mainly on HR roles. It's important to meet the needs of clients and candidates and to be someone who's easy to talk to. My approach to is to be open, listen to what someone wants or needs and respond to that. Developing myself every day is also important to me. There's still a lot to learn in the recruitment profession!

I would describe the atmosphere at The Recruiter as open, engaged and genuine. I enjoy the flexibility we get and that everyone wants the best for the customers, candidates and each other.

When I'm not at work, I fill my time meeting up with friends and family. Sometimes I travel back and forth to Groningen to see my parents and brother, I spend a lot of time with my sisters in Utrecht and I have dinner every Tuesday with the rowing teammates I met in a student rowing club. I really enjoy being around people and playing sports. I'd like to develop myself even further and learn more. I don't yet know exactly how I'm going to do that, maybe by doing a master's or a traineeship.

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