de Recruiter

Eva Schikker

Senior Consultant

For seven years, I've been helping people find new jobs, especially in IT. It's great work, because you can really make a positive impact on someone's life. I gained most of my recruitment experience on the agency side, but last year I also worked as a corporate recruiter. I work with empathy and understanding, making sure I'm clear from the beginning and ensuring follow-up: with me, you know what you're getting. I think it is important to be transparent, honest and positive. Clients are happy with this approach. I always make sure that I keep my promises to candidates, too. I don't want to be the recruiter who gets in touch once and you never hear from again.

At the Recruiter, we're all given a lot of freedom to do business and to arrange our own affairs. The relationship with the client and the candidate is at the heart of all we do. That vision and view on IT recruitment really appeals to me, because it fits in well with my own approach and personality. Everyone is free to build their own portfolio, but we all focus on the long term. Together, we form a great team that works hard. I really enjoy every part of my work here. I live with my boyfriend and son in Amsterdam Oud-West, which is really lovely, because this is also the neighbourhood where I grew up. In my spare time I run and take yoga and barre classes. In the longer term, I would like to travel more. On my list are: South America (Argentina again, Chile, Colombia), Asia (China, Singapore and Indonesia) and Europe (city trips!).

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