de Recruiter

Ramon de Meijer


I started the Recruiter because we wanted to do recruitment differently, to deliver better quality with much more attention for the customer, candidate and employees. I have more than twenty years of experience in recruitment. I worked as a corporate recruiter for BT and NS, among others. I also have experience on the desk side as a one-man-show and at a multinational. It's been enough experience to teach me the power of good recruitment, but unfortunately I have also seen that this is not always obvious. With the Recruiter, I really want to change the way I approach recruitment. I really want to understand what people are looking for so I can make the match between candidates and clients at a deeper level. I want to surprise you in a positive way. I give candidates honest advice and genuine help. I want people to be able to take the right next step and get to a place that truly energises them. As director/manager, I inspire confidence through my experience and personality. I trust my team instead of breathing down their necks. What's so great about this business is that anything is possible as long as you believe in success. Because of my experience, I know how to find a solution for every problem. Customers and colleagues can always count on me, and with me, they know exactly what they're getting.

The team is very diverse, full of completely different people. We are ambitious, but never compromise when it comes to finding joy in our work. It's wonderful to see my colleagues, meet interesting clients and candidates and improve things every day. Pride in what we do is my biggest driver – I'm proud of the team, of every consultant, of the good relationships with top employers and the fact that the best consultants in recruitment chose to come and work with us! Sometimes I also secretly enjoy seeing an employee's frustration when something fails, because that shows their motivation and commitment. I know that the success will come in the end. In my spare time, I live an active, outdoor life with good friends, doing things like kite surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking. I would like to do some longer-term, back-to-basics travelling, but with 3 children, that's still a dream for the time being.

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