de Recruiter

Fleur Wolsink


With nine years of recruitment experience, I've been able to see and do quite a lot. The diversity in the recruitment profession has tremendous appeal for me. My current clients are all very diverse, ranging from successful entrepreneurs to large established corporates and start-ups. With all these clients, I get to look behind the scenes and really get good insights into the heart of the company. With that information, I can find a candidate who really suits the company, both in terms of personality and skills. At the Recruiter, most of the roles I place are at senior management and executive level. In the past, for example, I placed an African RA, but also an old McKinsey partner as general director for a foundation. Sometimes I have to find creative solutions to keep delivering, but with my drive and enthusiasm, I'm able to bring both parties together for a match that makes everyone happy – including myself – so I enjoy going to work every day.

What's unique about the Recruiter is that we all have our own qualities and successful way of doing things. I enjoy the flexible culture, the way we work and the atmosphere every single day. It is so much fun to work together. And in my free time? I prefer to head to the beach with my family, have dinner with friends and play sports. But I also enjoy some good sushi followed by a Brigitte Kaandorp show. My husband and I are also busy with a full renovation of our house. It's something that's giving us a lot of satisfaction. What we really want is to show our daughters their roots in Japan. I would also like to find a good cause to volunteer for. Life goes by so fast, so I want to laugh a lot and keep enjoying!  

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